Falling Down 36"x36"

  • Pastels & Oils
Still Life

Oils and pastels of fruit and/or flowers



Low Country


Abstract Expressionism

I have been playing around with abstract painting. Currently I am using my palette knife as my main tool. Abstract landscapes have been my focus for the past year. But I also have pastels in abstract.

Music Inspired

I love music. I can not paint without it. These paintings were inspired by musicians in Asheville, N.C, Mississippi, and Georgia. But also by Ravel, Chopin and Joss Stone. And Mick Jaggar...

Collection - I

Same painting different medium

Quite often I will like a subject matter to the extent that I have painting it in pastel, oil and watercolor.


I am not sure why birds are speaking to me at the moment. I am amazed by their personality and character. They can be so cute. These paintings are all palette knife oil paintings. I took them years ago when we had a house on the beach in Destin, Fl. The birds with the Coca-Cola trademark were gifts for the four wonderful people at the Coca-Cola Company.

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