24″ x 20″ oil palette knife
$1000.00 all proceeds (100 percent) donated to The Humane Society
Help Support The Humane Society

Available for sale at the Pink Rooster/Garbo Art Gallery in Ocean Springs, Ms. 100 percent of all proceeds donated to The Humane Society. If you a

re interested please contact the Pink Rooster/Garbo Art Gallery at 228-669-5222 or pinkrooster.net


I have created this painting over the past few weeks trying to raise my spirits. So many people are trying to help in some way. This is my way of hopefully helping.
With all the turmoil going on I look for comfort in nature. There is such beauty all around us. The above vine is called a ” Passion Vine-Red” The flowers are four inches across and so incredibly beautiful. My hope is that it will connect with someone. The title of the paintings is “Hope”.

Not everyone has faith, but we all have Hope.
I love of animals. In particular I appreciate the hard work that all the Humane Societies do.
This painting will be sold through The Pink Rooster/Garbo Gallery here in Ocean Springs, Ms. I am so thankful for the Pink Rooster and their love of animals. All proceeds, 100 percent will be donated to our local Humane Society. Not many people are aware that the Humane Societies work on donations only. They are all struggling to feed their animals I am sure.
Linda Dragonette
If you are interested please contact The Pink Rooster/Garbo Art Gallery

“Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein








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